The Inner Workings of a Chibi.
I was wondering do you support white people cosplaying as POC characters?

Sure.  I mean, to me cosplay is about cosplaying characters you love and having fun.  And if I want people to accept me cosplaying white characters, I should give the same respect.  I don’t like this idea of characters belonging to a certain group, like back when I cosplayed Chouji from Naruto someone was like, “Ugh I hate it when skinny people cosplay him he’s ours.”  These characters don’t belong to us.  Cosplay is our way of showing our love for these characters that someone else created.  If we’re going to be like, “this character can only be cosplayed by this group,” then we’re going to have to do that with EVERYTHING, which means:

Girls can’t cosplay boys.

Black people can’t cosplay white people.

Gay people can’t cosplay straight people.

Plus sized people can’t cosplay skinny people.

And vice versa, and at that point it would just be way too nitpicky and it wouldn’t be fun, I mean what’s to stop someone from being like, “Well in the manga this character is very religious and you said you don’t believe in God so YOU CAN’T COSPLAY THEM THAT BELONGS TO THE CHRISTIANS!”  Just… can we not?

She's a magical character, so her whole body is a light African American shade, much darker than the pale baby that is my mess of skin, with differently coloured accents. I'll be painting elaborate designs on my tummy, different coloured feet and hands, and I'm going to go watch that video!

She sounds gorgeous, wow  <3


Guys, at MTAC’s opening ceremonies, Dan Green and Eric Stuart came on stage, and Eric challenged Dan to a duel in character as Kaiba.

So Dan, in character as Yugi, says “That’s weird, Kaiba. You usually don’t like to lose.”

I never thought I’d hear such a sick burn from Yugi.

*mic drop*

Seriously though I’m not even there but seeing your reactions to it is great.

What are your views on using bodypaint like the second picture to paint myself a tad darker? It's just that, I'm painting my legs pink and my arms blue for this, and I'm wondering if I just shouldn't cosplay her, because it will look incomplete or racist... You always look so marvellous, grinning so wide and beautifully, and I'm scared that no matter what I do, I would show up in costume huddled with my shoulders up and back curled, anxious.

Hmmmm, I would say check out the video link, because he makes some good points.  There’s also a difference between that second picture I posted versus body paint for characters who are like, green and blue and whatnot, and you’re in an interesting situation because it sounds like your character is different colors?  (I’m not familiar with the character).  Is the character herself African American with different skin tones (the pink and blue and whatnot)?  

Hello, dear! You are lovely, and such an inspiration to everyone.... I'm terrified, because I really want to cosplay this girl (Maggie, from Ava's Demon) but her skin is darker than mine. She doesn't have quite the African glow, so I would place her just with either a spray tan gone wrong, or almost black. I hate my skin, it never tans, it burns if I'm in the sun for more than a second. What do I do?? Can I just not cosplay her? Thank you, for being a beautiful smile when I need one. xxx

You can cosplay whoever you want, anon  :)  I know nothing about tanning and spray tan and things so I can’t give good advice on it, I would just say don’t go too far with it.  I remember seeing someone trying to do a black character and it ended up looking more orange than anything, and it was coming off on her costume :(  

Just remember that there’s a difference between tanning and like… this and this and on the flip side this.  And just in case, here’s an awesome video on the topic.


So in case you missed it (though it’s been on my blog all day) I got some pretty racist/fat bashing remarks about my Princess Peach cosplay, ranging from calling me a whale, to Precious, to using the frying pan to fry chicken, and all sorts of things.  It’s been blowing up quite a bit since a bunch of you are apparently amazing individuals who I want to snuggle, because you’ve been reblogging and commenting and all sorts of things.

So in honor of this I made fried chicken, you know, since that’s all us fat black gals eat.

Here’s all sorts of links:  

The post with the fried chicken comment and other un-creative cracks at me.

My actual heartfelt response to provide encouragement to people who are afraid of this happening to them.

I would post everyone’s responses but there have seriously been an overwhelming amount, so thank you all  :)

Edit:  Added some cosplay pictures so you can see the costume and such  :)

Edit Number Two:  My Cosplay Page, I can’t believe I forgot to link it!

This seems to be making rounds again, which is great!  Here are some really awesome updates:

1.  Here is the xoJane article I got to write about it.

2.  This magazine will have the full story in it.

3.  More amazing people are speaking up about cosplaying who you want.






The Sound of Silence is a horror games that dynamically adapts to a person’s greatest fear. It will deliver a different experience to each player. The game is said to be released in early 2014.

You can view the full concept idea of it here: X

I wish to play this game. Like right now. No one knows my deepest fears, not even me. This shall be good




Ooooo, this does sound interesting, like something I’d watch someone else play while I hide in the corner be into.

Blue to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!  *hugs*

All right, everyone, I would love if you could spread the word about this and/or donate if you can.  I really want this magazine to become a thing.  A good thing.  A big thing. How great would it be to have a magazine like this one available?  The ladies running it are trying their hardest but they need some help.  Let’s work together and get this thing off the ground  :)