The Inner Workings of a Chibi.

So in case you missed it (though it’s been on my blog all day) I got some pretty racist/fat bashing remarks about my Princess Peach cosplay, ranging from calling me a whale, to Precious, to using the frying pan to fry chicken, and all sorts of things.  It’s been blowing up quite a bit since a bunch of you are apparently amazing individuals who I want to snuggle, because you’ve been reblogging and commenting and all sorts of things.

So in honor of this I made fried chicken, you know, since that’s all us fat black gals eat.

Here’s all sorts of links:  

The post with the fried chicken comment and other un-creative cracks at me.

My actual heartfelt response to provide encouragement to people who are afraid of this happening to them.

I would post everyone’s responses but there have seriously been an overwhelming amount, so thank you all  :)

Edit:  Added some cosplay pictures so you can see the costume and such  :)

Edit Number Two:  My Cosplay Page, I can’t believe I forgot to link it!

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